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  • What brand/models parts do you have? Currently, we specialize in new and used Toyota Land Cruisers parts. 
  • I am in/passing thru Austin, can I stop by? Sorry, but no. Mrs Cruiseryard gave Mr CruiserYard her blessing to proceed with this venture on the family property with condition that no one comes over.
  • Can you meet me somewhere? Most likely no. Occasionally, if Mr CruiserYard's schedule permits, AND you are purchasing a large/heavy part, we may be able to meet you. But this is very rare. Otherwise, all distant and local orders will be mailed. 
  • Do you have a return policy? Yes, it can be viewed here 
  • I tried to call CruiserYard but received your voicemail. How can I reach someone? Mr CruiserYard holds a regular day job and works for "the man", just like you. During this time, calls are routed to voicemail. While we try to return calls as soon as possible, these may not be returned immediately. For faster service, we recommend emailing us at sales AT cruiseryard dot com
  • Do you buy Land Cruisers or Land Cruiser parts? YES!! We're always looking for trucks and parts. While we prefer entire trucks, we do purchase individual parts. Send us an email letting us know what you have. 
  • How can I make payment? We currently take Credit Cards, Paypal, Amazon Payments, Money Orders and of course Cash.
  • Do you cut sheetmetal/panels? Yes, whether you have an accident or are dealing with rust, we would be happy to cut some sheetmetal for you. We require a picture showing the area you want cut (MS Paint is fine). Once we have this, we can provide a specific quote.
  • Can you take a photo of part XYZ?  Sorry, but no. We take many photos of each item as well as the truck itself before we list them. Since we're a small business, we don't have the bandwidth to take specific photos of each item for each request. Rest assured though, each part will be a quality item.
  • Is part XYZ in stock? Yes, everything we sell is in stock. From time to time, there may be items backordered based on supply which are denoted on the product page, but that should will not last more than a couple of weeks and is very atypical (we keep up on our inventory). Exceptions would be an H55 or Dobinson's suspension and are dropped shipped due to the size. 
  • How can I contact you? Please see our Contact Us page


  • How quickly will my order ship once it is placed? Normally within 1-3 days, depending on when and what was ordered. Larger parts may take additional time. We can expedite requests for an additional fee.
  • What if I need something faster? Email us and we get an expedited rate.
  • Where does free shipping apply to? Free shipping is only to CONUS/lower 48 states. 
  • What items are eligible for free shipping? Basically everything except the large items (unless denoted already). These include, but are not limited to, engines, transmissions, large body panels, transfer cases, axles, items that must go freight, etc. You may see some of these items already have shipping included, so they qualify. We reserve the right to adjust or cancel free shipping for any item at any time.
  • Can I use my Fedex/UPS account and send labels to you? No, for multiple reasons we only use our account. 
  • Is there a minimum order amount? No! We wanted to simplify the process, so no minimums. 
  • How to I place an order with free shipping? Simply add the item(s) to your cart and it will automatically show the free shipping option if you are eligible.
  • When can I expect my item to arrive when using free shipping? Items will ship using the most economical method, which may impact delivery time. If you want a specific carrier or to arrive sooner, you can choose a paid method.  
  • I am outside of the Unites States, why can't I purchase an item through the website? Only US (except Florida, see below) and Canadian orders can be purchased through the web store. If you are outside these countries we can process your order manually. Contact us for details
  • I am in Florida but it says the order cannot be processed?  Due to international fraud who use exporters, online orders cannot be placed through the system. Please email us with the links of the items that you want and we will process these manually.
  • I am interested in a large item, how will this ship? Large items ship via freight using Fastenal. 
  • An item says it need to go freight. How does freight work? CruiserYard does not book freight, we put you in touch with our brokers where you pay them directly. Or you can use Fastenal (see below). This allows the customer to have control on where they want it shipped, if they want insurance, and to specify the needs of the deliver all while using our deeply discount negotiate rate. There is a $50 delivery charge for non-Fastenal freight orders. 
  • No delivery fee for Fastenal? How does that work? When using Fastenal, we waive the $50 delivery fee due to the closer proximity of our local store compared to the rest of the LTL terminals. We have found that Fastenal is the most economical way to ship freight. You submit a request to get a quote, accept the quote, and send us the form. We drop the items off once it is ready and upon arrival, you go to your local Fastenal store to pick it up. You pay them directly at this time.