New Rebuilt Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 FZJ80 Steering Gearbox with 105-Series Sector Shaft & Pitman Arm


Is your steering loose? A rebuilt gearbox is what you may need. Avoid downtime with a fully rebuilt gearbox. We recommend getting a new one over a used one. Why? Almost all used boxes of this year will have over 200,000 miles on it, so you are just putting "a bandaid" it. Do it the right way and get a newly rebuilt gearbox. Fits the 1991-1997 left hand drive FJ80s, FZJ80s and LX450s. Part # 44110-60212

As of 12/1/2023, we have a new rebuilder. Each box goes goes through a thorough rebuilding processing which entails: 

  • washing it thoroughly
  • inspecting all components to ensure there are no worn parts
  • prep stage which includes buffing, polishing and sanding 
  • a fresh coat of paint
  • build and reassemble
  • put it on a hydraulic test bench for 1-3 hours to ensure no leaks and it works as it should

Due to being thoroughly tested, when you receive your newly rebuilt gearbox, it may have some places where the paint is rubbed off as well as fluid remnants. 

Your order will include the following:

  • Installed brand new Toyota 105 Series Sector shaft and internal bits. This is stronger than the original sector shaft and is a must for those trucks running larger tires.
  • New OEM 105-Series Pitman arm, washer and nut.  Your US spec arm and hardware is too small and cannot be used. 

Pictures show what it included as well as comparing the stock US spec 80 series pitman arm and sector shaft to the larger 105 shaft.

A $500 refundable core charge will be added by selecting the checkbox. ONLY Toyota OEM cores are accepted. You will get the full $500 back if your core is rebuildable (ie, no broken sector shafts, splines are straight etc) and the core is received within 30 days from the ship date, which is the day we ship your box out to you. Cores received after 30 days but before 60 days will receive up to $250 back. Cores received after 60 days will receive $100 back. Note, we really want the core, but people have not been sending them back or sending them back months later.

 It is also a good time to replace your high pressure power steering hose which we also carry. 

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